There is no other industry that is as ripe with the potential to change life as we know it than health care. The major challenge facing innovators, payers, and provider organizations is how to distinguish their brands from the competition in a way that builds long-term trust and loyalty. Our health care practice includes clients from a variety of market segments, including health information technology, consumer wellness, hospitals, medical devices, digital health, and insurance. Our team understands the nuances of this highly regulated industry and is experienced at reaching all key audiences -- from patients to suppliers to clinicians -- to increase brand awareness, navigate a complex crisis or launch a life-saving technology.


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“Inkhouse has been a phenomenal partner in working with Harvard Pilgrim to secure national tier one coverage for our leadership and strong localized coverage across our various markets. Through their strategic guidance and well-established reporter relationships, we have worked closely together to distinguish Harvard Pilgrim Health Care as a regional and national health care leader.”

-Philip Tracey, Director of Public Relations, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

"The Inkhouse team does a great job of providing opportunities for me to talk about the things I really care about. Lately, that’s been speaking to the press about COVID-19, race and gender. As a busy CEO, I don’t have a ton of time and my Inkhouse team makes it easy for me to get my point of view in front of the audiences who can make change happen."

-Iman Abuzeid, CEO And Co-Founder, Incredible Health

INdustry recognition

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