Over the past 15 years, Inkhouse has built one of the most well-respected IT security practices. Security innovators of all sizes and stages have partnered with Inkhouse to drive lead generation, increase brand awareness, boost valuation and expand leadership. Members of the Inkhouse security practice bring unparalleled, specialized knowledge having worked in the industry for decades in collaboration with clients spanning almost every security technology in the market.




Our team: 

  1. Drives a cohesive, thoughtful communications strategy 
  2. Develops messaging for all phases of growth 
  3. Expands awareness of the brand, product, and team in new and emerging markets
  4. Establishes market leadership
  5. Attracts great talent, investors, partners and prospects are top priorities
  6. Brings visibility to key business inflection points such as funding raises and executive hires
  7. Launches new companies out of stealth and makes legacy companies relevant again
  8. Creates new market categories
  9. Builds authentic thought leadership on key ‘issues to own’ that avoid FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt)  
  10. Integrates content marketing with traditional PR to make our clients’ stories more strategic, actionable and measurable


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“The key to a successful PR program is internal executive support. At Gigamon, we are highly data-driven so we include share-of-voice progress as one of the select high-level metrics we share with our Exec staff and Board on a regular basis. This provides a relatable ROI and is a clear signal of faith in our program and team, whose consistent success and strategic guidance has proven invaluable.

- nick rottler, gigamon

The InkHouse team has been an invaluable addition to our internal comms team throughout the year. The team’s specific contributions to thoughtful and targeted media engagement during COVID-19 should be a case study in how to do it the right way. Without the InkHouse team as a trusted partner, I am certain our messaging, our media reach and our security business would not be in the strong position it’s in. I cannot understate this."

- ryan murphy, vmware carbon black


INdustry recognition


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